Tips from Plumbers Near Me in Southwest Florida

Best Home Services’ Local Fall Plumbing Tips

At BHS, we know that keeping up with plumbing maintenance can be a hassle. You’re busy with work and family, and you have many more things to think about than whether your sump pump is in working order. The professionals at BHS want to make plumbing maintenance as easy as possible for you. We’ve compiled our top five tips on how to prepare your plumbing for the winter through proper fall maintenance. Don’t wait until the cool Southwest Florida winter months are in full swing to start preparing your plumbing. You won’t want to risk needing an emergency plumber when you can easily avoid many issues. Without further ado, here are our fall plumbing maintenance tips for Southwest Florida homeowners.

1. Be Proactive About Pipes

Start thinking about your pipes during your fall plumbing maintenance. The first thing you’ll want to do is examine your pipes for any leaks. Leaky pipes mean higher water bills and risk bigger problems later on. Make sure to repair any leaks you may find as soon as possible. Don’t forget about exterior pipes, either. While Florida winters are mild, insulation is still crucial. If temperatures fluctuate as the year comes to end, your pipes may become weak and break. Don’t risk a broken pipe and costly repairs when you could insulate your pipes in the fall. For assistance with putting in insulation, your local plumbers at BHS can help. Even in Southwest Florida weather, you’re better safe than sorry when it comes to pipe insulation.

2. Cleaning is Key

Rainy days are more common during a Southwest Florida winter. To prepare for these, you’ll want to make sure you clean your gutters during the fall. Clear your gutters of dirt, leaves, and twigs that can keep them from draining correctly. You’ll also be protecting your home’s foundation when you keep up with cleaning. Water falling near the foundation can cause a slew of different problems that you may need to call an emergency plumber to fix. Don’t neglect your sewer line when cleaning either. Clear out any roots that might have grown into the line. Waiting until there’s a major problem will only cause you more trouble and stress. If you’re not comfortable with this maintenance yourself, BHS offers sewer inspection from our expert plumbers.

3. Don’t Overwork Your Water Heater

Even on warmer days in a Florida winter, you don’t want to be without hot water. Fall is the best time to start thinking about your water heater. Especially in the winter, your water heater will increase its workload. You should have your water heater serviced or flushed at least once a year. Debris can build up in your heater, negatively affecting its efficiency and lifespan. If you’ve flushed your water heater and you find stains, it might be time for a replacement. BHS’s experienced technicians can point you in the right direction when choosing and installing a new water heater. Once your water heater is back in working order, set the temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This will ensure you hit the perfect temperature quickly.

4. Prepare for Vacation Early

If you’re planning on going away for the holidays, fall is the time to start preparing your plumbing. Without you there to monitor flood risks, it’s important to prevent them before you get to Christmas dinner. Before you leave, make sure to turn off your home’s water valve. Leaving it on while your own of town could cause flooding. Don’t forget to drain excess water out of all your faucets to guarantee there’s no extra water that could flood your home while you’re away. Our experts at BHS can help you locate your water valve, should you have trouble. Don’t stress over flooding during your vacation, prepare before you leave.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Call a Professional

When all else fails, call in an expert for any of your plumbing needs. For homeowners in Southwest Florida, there’s only one choice. BHS is among the region’s top plumbing professionals. Inviting a stranger into your home, even for maintenance, can be distressing. However, BHS only hires the most highly-trained, trustworthy plumbing professionals. Our experts will be able to find problems with your plumbing quickly and efficiently at a reasonable cost. When you’re looking for plumbers in your area, you shouldn’t settle for just anyone. BHS 24-hour plumbers will make sure your home is safe from damaging plumbing malfunctions. Contact us today to talk to a licensed plumber in your area.

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