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Finding Your Optimal Sleep Temperature 

Have you ever considered that your sleep quality is being affected by the temperature in your home? It’s true – those who sleep in cooler temperatures are getting better quality sleep than those who turn up the heat or turn off their air conditioner when it’s time to hit the hay.   Why is this the

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When to Consider a Sewer Camera Inspection  

With so many pipes and fittings installed underground and in your home’s foundation, it can be hard to know what is happening in your sewage system. So how do you know what condition your sewage system is in or if there are any underlying problems?   Thankfully, sewer camera inspections can provide you with accurate and

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How to Achieve Ideal Humidity Levels at Home 

Humid air and damp surfaces in your Southwest Florida home can lead to mold and mildew, bad odors, and even damage to your house’s surfaces. On the other end of the spectrum, overly dry air can irritate your respiratory system. This is why it is so important to monitor humidity levels year-round and take steps

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Things to Know Before Buying a Washable HVAC Filter 

The type of air filter that you choose has a direct impact on the overall performance of your HVAC system since it is responsible for trapping airborne particles that can cause harm to costly system components and your health.   If you’re one of the many homeowners who use disposable HVAC filters, you may be wondering

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