Electricians’ Tips for Maintenance in Southwest Florida

Best Home Services’ Tips for Fall Electrical Maintenance

Performing electrical maintenance can seem daunting. However, it’s vital that homeowners follow a few steps in the fall to ensure their home’s electric is prepared for the winter. Whether you want to try maintenance yourself or hire one of BHS’s 24-hour electricians, regular upkeep is crucial, especially in the fall. With the changing of the season comes new concerns and problems that arise with electrical maintenance in Southwest Florida. Because we know fall is prime time for electrical maintenance, we’ve compiled some of our best tips for proper electrical care.

1. Inspect Circuits and Outlets Regularly

Regularly inspecting your circuits and outlets is crucial for good electrical maintenance in the fall. Since your home’s cooling system has been working all summer, it’s no surprise that its circuits may have experienced wear and tear. A professional electrician near you is your best option to ensure that your system is working properly. During the winter months, you’ll likely use extension cords to power numerous holiday decorations. If this is the case for you, inspecting your cables and using surge protectors is especially important. Any cords you plan to use outside should be weatherproof, and outdoor outlets are safest when protected with bubble covers. Don’t let the holiday season turn into a safety hazard for you and your family. Contact a local electrician for circuit maintenance today.

2. Dry Leaves Can Cause Problems

Sometimes proper electrical maintenance is so simple it’s easy to overlook. As fall leaves start collecting on the ground, make sure they aren’t close to outlets, lighting, or power cords. Since these leaves are dry, they make perfect kindling. Allowing them to remain too close to outdoor outlets is a fire risk. If any sparks fly from electrical outlets or lighting fixtures, your yard could go up in flames. A quick sweep of the dry leaves from any dangerous areas is enough to remove the fire hazard.

3. Keep an Eye on Outdoor Lighting

If you plan to use outdoor lighting in the fall and winter, keeping these lighting fixtures in good condition is essential. The first step to keeping everything in excellent condition is to choose weatherproof electric devices from the get-go. Southwest Florida experiences much more rain in the fall and winter, so installing waterproof lighting is necessary for the fall. When working on electrical maintenance, it’s also vital to check all outdoor lighting for repairs. Some lighting repairs may be a quick fix, but others may require the skill of a licensed electrician. The experienced electricians at BHS are equipped to handle any problem you could have. Whether you need repairs or choose to install new outdoor lighting, BHS has you covered.

4. Be Aware of Overgrown Trees

As trees grow and leaves fall, always make sure the trees on your property aren’t growing into any power lines. Overgrown trees can disrupt your electrical service. Disruptions are always annoying, but faulty electrical service during colder months can be more than a little uncomfortable. If you choose to trim overgrown trees yourself, take extreme precaution to avoid power lines. For trees that have already grown well into power lines, it’s best to hire a professional in directional pruning. They can remove interior branches and train your tree to grow away from a power line. The residential electricians at BHS can point you in the right direction for tree pruning services.

5. Don’t Forget Your Hot Tub

Spas and hot tubs are popular features in many Southwest Florida homes. If you’ve installed one in your backyard, get ready for extra maintenance during the fall months. Always inspect your spa or hot tub’s circuits. You’ll likely be spending more time in your hot tub as temperatures mellow out as fall comes to an end. A failed electrical system could mean costly repairs. Don’t wait until there’s too much damage to fix. Check for faulty circuits or contact your certified electricians at BHS today.

6. Call Your Expert Residential Electricians

If you have any hesitation about performing your own electrical maintenance, always call in a professional. Handling electrical issues without proper training can be dangerous, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. BHS’s team of licensed electricians near you are ready to help. Whether you need assistance with lighting installation, circuit breaker maintenance, or surge protection, BHS is among Southwest Florida’s most trusted local electricians. When you choose BHS’s certified electricians, you’re guaranteeing yourself friendly service and a quality product, all at a fair price. At BHS, we aren’t here to wring you dry of your hard-earned paycheck, but rather to give you peace of mind well within your budget. Fall electrical maintenance is too important to trust with just any residential electrician. Contact BHS today and be positive you’ll only be working with the most highly-trained electricians near you.

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