Home AC Repair Tips for Southwest Florida

Best Home Services’ Top Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips

No one wants to deal with the heat of early fall without air conditioning. If you live in Southwest Florida, this is doubly true. Don’t try to wait out the heat until winter, keep up your HVAC maintenance throughout the fall season. BHS is here to give you the advice you need to maintain your air conditioning, no repair required. If AC repair is in order, BHS can help you with that too. Our experienced technicians can restore your AC back to normal. If you’re gearing up for fall, check out our top six tips for fall HVAC maintenance.

1. Check Your Home’s Insulation

Maybe your heating and cooling problems aren’t the result of a faulty system, and air conditioner repair isn’t necessary. Poor insulation can hurt your ability to control the temperature in your home. Make sure the insulation in your walls and roof is in proper working order before you call BHS for AC repair.

2. Even an AC Unit Needs a Break

If you’re concerned about the condition of your heating and cooling equipment, give the system a rest. An AC unit can be overworked and turning it off once in a while will make the system last longer and reduce your energy bills. Instead of running the air conditioning 24/7, use fans during the early fall months when the weather’s still hot. On colder days, open a window and circulate cool air throughout the house with fans. Switching your AC unit off from time to time decreases the need for air conditioner repair in the future.

3. Remember to Check and Replace Air Filters

Most HVAC experts agree that inspecting your air filter is the best thing you can do to maintain your AC unit. Typically, your filter is ready for replacement every 30 to 90 days, so it’s in your best interest to do a quick inspection once a month. When you’re inspecting your air conditioner, check for clogs and dirt in the air filter. A dirty air filter means more dust in your HVAC unit, which makes for a less efficient air conditioner. Regular cleaning will keep your air filter working correctly and the cold air flowing.

Where to find the air filter: The location of the air filter in your AC unit can differ depending on the model you have in your home. Most in-unit filters are inside the blower or on the bottom, side, or top of the air conditioner.

4. Clean Outdoor Units of Leaves and Dirt

Especially in the fall, your outdoor AC unit will collect debris. Dirt, pollen, and falling leaves can get caught up in your heating and cooling system. Inspect your air conditioner once a week, and if you find caked-on debris, use gloves and a hose to remove it. Try to remove anything else that could block airflow and decrease your AC unit’s efficiency. If you have excessive problems with debris, you may want to consider moving your unit. Make sure the air conditioner is clear of plants and shrubs at least two feet on every side. Clearing the area of debris that can get caught in your AC unit increases its lifespan and reduces the need for AC repair.

5. Don’t Forget About Interior Units

Taking care of indoor air heating and cooling systems is essential too. While they probably won’t collect leaves, they’ll likely fall victim to dust build-up. Always vacuum vents and grilles to remove the dust that can block airflow. The more dust that circulates through your AC unit, the worse the air quality is in your home. Registers and ducts too can collect dust that hurts air quality. They need to be cleaned off regularly to ensure the dust doesn’t circulate through the system.

6. Know When to Call an Expert

When all else fails, call up a professional for AC repair services. Sometimes even your best efforts aren’t enough to get your air conditioning up and running again. At BHS, we know homeowners are hesitant to allow strangers into their home, even for emergency AC repair. Our professional technicians, however, are highly trained and reputable throughout Southwest Florida. We pride ourselves on being customer-oriented and providing quality service with a reasonable AC repair cost. Don’t worry about making a mistake during your AC repair attempt, call in the experts. For home AC repair near you, BHS is the top choice. Contact us today to see what our repair services can do for you.

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