Helpful Electrical Do’s and Don’ts When Flipping a House

Best Home Services Has Your Back in Southwest Florida

So, you’ve been watching a lot of HGTV recently, and you’ve decided your main ambition in life is to start flipping houses. That’s great, but there are some electrical do’s and don’ts you should be mindful of when flipping a house in Southwest Florida. Luckily for you, Best Home Services has your back. Our expert electricians have been providing electrical services to Southwest Florida since 1980. Attempting to fix a home’s electricity yourself can be hazardous, especially if it’s an older home with an outdated electrical system. Our certified electricians would be happy to come out and inspect your home’s electricity to ensure everything’s functioning as it should be for your safety. We also provide whole-house surge protection to protect your Southwest Florida home from power surges caused by storms.

Electrical Safety Is Essential When Flipping Old Houses

Among the most affordable items you can work on improving when flipping a house are updating its lighting fixtures and hardware. From installing dimmers and light switches to energy-efficient LED lighting or motion-sensor security lighting on the home’s exterior, these types of projects don’t usually require a lot of time or investment capital. However, if the house you’re flipping has an old, worn-out electrical system, you could have bad outlets and other issues that could cause an electrical fire if you’re not careful. Electrical safety is essential when flipping old houses, and something we take seriously at Best Home Services. Our expert electricians can help you ensure everything’s up-to-code when making electrical updates of any kind. Should you ever have any electrical safety questions or concerns, be sure to check out our electrical services frequently asked questions. It could save your life or that of someone you love the next time you flip a house!

Electrical Safety Rules & Tips You Should Always Follow

You may feel confident about completing some home improvements yourself. As promised, here are some electrical do’s and don’ts you should always follow when flipping a house:

  • Do unplug electrical appliances before working on them.
  • Do make sure your hands are dry and you’re working with non-conducting tools.
  • Don’t try to touch an energized electrical circuit. Always shut off the electricity first.
  • Do invest in surge protectors and keep appliances away from water sources.
  • Do keep children and pets away from power lines and utility equipment.
  • Do use snap-on outlet covers and cord shorteners if you have small children in the home.
  • Do call 911 in the event of an electrical fire. You should also have a fire extinguisher handy.
  • Don’t overload electrical outlets or extension cords.
  • Don’t use electrical cords that appear damaged or frayed in any way.
  • Don’t try to run extension cords underneath heavy furniture.
  • Don’t touch electrical equipment or appliances when any part of you is wet (this includes sweat, which is common given Southwest Florida’s often uncomfortable humidity levels).
  • Don’t wear anything metal when working with electrical equipment.
  • Don’t ever try to tamper with an electric meter or hang anything from a utility pole.

How to Start Flipping Houses: A Few Words to the Wise

House flipping can be more of a nightmare than it looks on television. If you’ve decided to start flipping houses, one of the most helpful pieces of advice we can give you is to be on the lookout for outdated electrical systems. You may end up sinking more money into updating the electrical system than it’s worth. Always be sure to do a thorough inspection before deciding to make an offer on the house. Knowing which improvements must be made to preserve the home’s integrity is critical to gaining the most return-on-investment (ROI) from the endeavor. You should never try to estimate repair costs on your own. Always hire a trusted contractor to evaluate what needs to be done for your peace of mind.

Nobody wants to invest in a “money pit” with too many risky or unexpected home improvement costs. Remember, electrical issues aren’t always apparent to an amateur. It usually takes a professional electrician to evaluate them and estimate how much they will end up costing for electrical repairs or replacements. Best Home Services would be happy to provide an electrical inspection if the home you’re flipping is located in Lee, Collier, or Manatee County in Southwest Florida.

Our Southwest Florida Electricians Offer Surge Protection

Best Home Services has licensed and insured electricians capable of walking you through electrical system upgrades and the best surge protection systems to protect your Southwest Florida home. There are never any gimmicks or hidden fees when we quote you on our electrical services. What are you waiting for in Collier, Lee, or Manatee County? Call Best Home Services today for more helpful electrical do’s and don’ts when it comes to flipping a house.

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