How To Prepare Your HVAC System for Fall

When it comes to your HVAC system, preventative maintenance is key to keeping it running efficiently year-round. Be proactive and get your HVAC system ready for the upcoming fall season. With any preventative maintenance, you are less likely to need a large system repair or run into any issues as the seasons change.  

Get your Southwest Florida HVAC ready for fall with these tips from our pros at Best Home Services 

Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips 

To help prevent HVAC problems this fall, follow these tips! 

Regularly Clean or Replace Air Filters  

This is the easiest and most inexpensive way to get your HVAC ready for the fall. When your air filter is dirty, allergens and other contaminants get trapped, reducing the efficiency of your HVAC system and ultimately sending these allergens throughout your house. 

We recommend changing your air filter at least every 30-60 days—especially if you have pets or live in a humid climate like Florida. Doing so could trim around 5-10% off your monthly energy costs.  


Clean and Seal Ducts 

To prevent drafts and energy waste, it is a good idea to get your ductwork inspected, cleaned, and sealed before fall. Many homes have leaky air ducts that can impact your HVAC system’s heating and cooling abilities. 

If you notice higher energy costs or drafts, you may have a ductwork leak. Call our team at Best Home Services for an inspection and ductwork repair today—844-921-2833! 

Clean the Outdoor Unit 

Debris around the outdoor compressor can build up over time and obstruct airflow. Clear the grill and the area under the outside unit of any sticks, leaves, or other debris that may have become lodged there.

You can also gently hose down the unit and compressor coils (after turning off the power to the unit) to remove any dirt, dust, or pollen. 

Check Windows and Doors  

Check your windows and doors for air leaks, and re-caulk or weatherstrip them as necessary. Doing so will keep warm air from escaping in the cooler months—and cold air from coming in! 

Change the Thermostat Settings

You should adjust your thermostat’s settings to your preferred temperature when the weather is cooler. Investing in a programmable thermostat can help you easily control your smart thermostat from your phone. 

Test the Heat 

Test the heat before you need to turn it on for the season. If the room warms up rapidly after raising the thermostat high enough to activate the furnace, the system is operating effectively. If not, you have time to schedule an inspection or repair service with Best Home Services.  

Remember, the first time you turn on the heat for the year it might have a burning odor. This is normal, it is dust on the coils burning off and will subside in an hour or so. 

Change the Batteries in Your Smoke Detectors 

The batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors should be changed at least twice a year—once in the spring and the fall. This will give you greater peace of mind knowing that these lifesaving detectors are in good working order as the seasons change. 

Schedule Professional HVAC Maintenance 

Schedule an HVAC preventative maintenance visit before the weather starts to change. Being proactive can extend the life of your unit and save you money on repairs in the long run. 

Get Ready for Fall with Best Home Services 

The seasons are changing, and while it will still be hot in Florida for a few more months, it is time to get preventative maintenance done on your HVAC unit! Our team at Best Home Services will ensure that your system is running efficiently as you transition from cooling to heating this fall. 

During an HVAC inspection our techs will: 

  • Identify any damaged or worn parts 
  • Check the compressor/condenser 
  • Clean the coils 
  • Lubricate all moving parts 
  • Inspect the wiring and electrical connections 
  • Look for any blockage in the drains 
  • Tighten loose hoses and connections  
  • Monitor refrigerant levels 
  • Remove any dirt, dust, or grime from the inside of the unit 
  • Test indoor components including the thermostat 


Schedule preventative maintenance for your Southwest Florida HVAC system today—844-921-2833! 


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