How to Prepare Your Plumbing for the Holiday Season 

Preparing for holiday dinners, decorating, and the arrival of guests are likely near the top of your to-do list as the holiday season nears. Your plumbing system is probably the farthest thing from your mind, but it shouldn’t be!  

Save yourself potential embarrassing plumbing headaches during holiday get-togethers by following these tips from our team at Best Home Services!  

Tip #1. Clean Your Drains Before Guests Arrive 

Before guests are set to arrive, do a quick walk-through of your home and clean your drains. Hair can gather in bathtub drains, and food residue often gets trapped in the bottom of kitchen drains.  

Pro Tip: Drain screens are the best way to prevent unwanted objects from falling down the drain and causing a drain clog.  

Mineral buildup from hard water is common around faucets, which can create problems with water flow and lead to clogs. Several products on the market can clear the residue, but vinegar works too.  

Smells can also linger deep down in sink drains. We recommend boiling water and pouring it down the drain then following it with a vinegar solution or baking soda.  

Tip #2. Avoid Drain Clogs  

Your toilets, sinks, and garbage disposal will be working overtime with the influx of guests throughout the holiday season.  

Be mindful of what is going down your drains. 

  • When cooking, discard grease and oil in the garbage instead of the sink.  
  • Throw big items into the trash and avoid putting bones or hard food items into the disposal.  
  • Always run water when the disposal is in use. Never run it “dry.”  
  • If your garbage disposal develops a bad odor, try grinding citrus peelings to freshen it up. 
  • Use strainers in your sink drain to help prevent clogs by catching larger items that might otherwise slip down the drain and cause issues.  

With a lot of people using the bathroom, it is common for toilets to become clogged, so make sure to have a plunger handy.  

Tip #3. Inspect Your Water Heater & Turn Up the Temperature 

No one wants to jump in the shower and have no hot water. Before your holiday guests arrive, make sure your water heater can handle the extra workload during the next several weeks of the holiday season.  

Note any leaks or strange sounds coming from your water heater tank. If it has been seven years from the date on the tank, we recommend having a professional plumber from Best Home Services come out to do a formal inspection.  

Your water heater’s temperature can be adjusted to ensure that your guests have plenty of hot water for baths and showers, but be careful to not set it too high as it can cause burns. We recommend not exceeding 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and don’t forget to turn the temperature back down after the holidays.  

P.S. Remember, turning the temperature up on your water heater may help keep more water available for your guests, but it could increase your utility bill. 

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Tip #4. Allow Time Between Showers 

Your hot water may run out after too many showers, even if you do turn up the water heater’s temperature. Have your guests wait at least 10 minutes between showers to give the water heater time to replenish hot water. Plus, waiting between showers will also allow your drains to clear so your shower is less likely to clog.  

Tip #5. Prevent Toilet Clogs 

The easiest way to avoid toilet clogs is to ensure that guests—children, and adults alike—aren’t flushing things that they shouldn’t.  

You can put a simple sign in your bathroom, or a reminder above the trashcan near the toilet to never flush: 

  • Baby wipes 
  • Facial tissues 
  • Sanitary napkins 
  • Paper towels 
  • Feminine hygiene products  

Keep a trash bin close by so guests have a proper place to dispose of baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, or sanitary napkins. And don’t forget, always have a plunger handy!  

Tips #6. Schedule Plumbing Maintenance  

If you notice a leaking pipe, a slow drain, or other plumbing problems, make sure to call in a plumber from Best Home Services to fix everything before guests arrive. Even if you don’t notice any existing problems, you should schedule a plumbing inspection to ensure that your home is ready for the holiday festivities.  

Prepare for the Holidays  

Even with the best intentions, you may experience a plumbing emergency this holiday season. If you need plumbing repairs amid holiday merrymaking, Best Home Services can help! From leaks and clogs to water heater repairs and replacements, our 5-star rated plumbers are available 24/7, even during the holidays!  

Holiday plumbing emergency? Call Best Home Services any time day or night at 844-921-2833!     

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