The Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Before the sizzling summer heat sets in, you should consider installing a smart thermostat to easily control the temperature in your Southwest Florida home. A smart thermostat can help your system be more energy-efficient, plus, there’s the added perk that you can control your system from your phone, wherever you are.  


Is a smart thermostat right for you?  Here are five great reasons to switch to a smart thermostat before our hot Florida summer begins!  

#1. Minimize Energy Costs  


One of the best reasons to upgrade to a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat is energy efficiency and subsequent savings on energy costs. With a smart thermostat, it is easy to program your HVAC to run less while you are away at work, so you’ll lose less energy since you won’t be cooling an empty house.  


You can program your smart thermostat to kick your AC on right before your family is scheduled to come home, so it’s nice and cool the moment you step out of the heat and walk in the door.  



You could save anywhere from 15-20% on cooling costs after you install a smart thermostat.  



#2. Track Your Energy Usage 


Most digital smart thermostats allow you to track your system’s energy usage. You can make a home energy profile that shows how your energy use has evolved over time and how changing your heating and cooling choices may help you cut your energy expenditures even further.


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#3. Control Your System Remotely 


A popular benefit that you can enjoy after installing a Wi-Fi thermostat is that you can control the temperature in your home remotely, no matter where you are. You can easily change the day’s cooling plan if you are leaving work early. You can also alter the entire timetable if you are traveling on vacation to keep your home warmer while you are away.


Further, if you have a vacation house to maintain, your thermostat can send you alerts when the temperature rises or falls below your set limits. Pretty nifty!  


#4. Create Smart Schedules 


Many homeowners are reluctant about getting a smart thermostat installed because they think it will be difficult to program or modify the schedule to suit their individual demands.


Scheduling heating and cooling with a smart thermostat is easier because you don’t have to adjust the day-to-day temperature yourself- it’ll already be programmed.  



Smart thermostats can monitor the weather, cooling your home during a heatwave or adding more heat when a cold snap sets in.  



Plus, most smart thermostats have movement detectors so they can tell when your family is home and active. Over time, the thermostat can learn your family’s patterns and will adjust the heating and cooling schedule appropriately. These thermostats are so “smart” that they can also use data to adjust the temperature schedules to account for seasonal dips and changes throughout your home.  


#5. They’re Easy to Install   


If you have the right wiring, installing a smart thermostat is a breeze. While this is something that you could DIY yourself, we recommend calling our team at Best Home Services to ensure your new smart thermostat is compatible with your system and installed correctly.  


Take Control of Your Thermostat  


This spring and summer, stay cool and comfortable while spending less on cooling costs. Our 5-star rated team at Best Home Services is here to help you install your new smart thermostat and make sure it is programmed correctly so you can achieve that perfect cool! 


Ready to install a smart thermostat? Contact our team at Best Home Services today; (844) 921-2833! 

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