5 Reasons For Regular Maintenance Of Your Electrical System

Many homeowners assume that just because their electricity turns on and off with every flip of the switch, that all is well with their electrical system. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth, and like scheduled maintenance for your vehicle, you should have an annual check done of your home’s electrical system as well. More than half of all electrical losses are due to lack of regular maintenance.

Here’s why you should have your system inspected by a pro annually:

  1. Because electricity vibrates when it travels, it can loosen up connections. Loose connections and parts along with exposure to moisture account for just about half of all electrical losses. Ninety percent of problems with electrical is because of loose connections.
  2. Just because you change your battery regularly in your smoke detector, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s working. An electrical system maintenance check will also ensure that the sensor in your smoke detector is working. Dust and cobwebs can collect and block the sensor from detecting fire, so a technician can check the sensor using a spray “smoke.”
  3. The surge protectors many of us use to plug in and protect our electronics only have indicators to show they are on. There is no other way to check that the unit is still operating correctly.
  4. Ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) that you have in your bathrooms and kitchen to protect you from electrocution have a tendency to wear out and fail. There is a device that can be used to test these outlets to ensure they are working properly.
  5. Regularly on your HVAC system will ensure all systems last longer. And here in Florida, corrosion from our high humidity can be a problem.

Not only is electrical preventive maintenance cost-effective, but it also improves the efficiency of your system and can reduce utility bills. Consider purchasing a service maintenance program from Best Home Services–before you experience a costly failure.

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