Best Rips An Invoice In Half For A Great Cause

We are proud to announce that our Fort Myers air conditioning company donated over $5000 worth of air conditioning services to Liberty Youth Ranch after performing a number of repairs on the property this past summer. The Liberty Youth Ranch is an amazing organization impacting lives of and instilling values in children. The ranch provides a permanent and loving environment for children who need a home and/or a family.

The ranch was experiencing an unusually high number of breakdowns and costly repairs. Best Home Services came to the rescue when the ranch was in desperate need.

We have been working with Liberty Youth Ranch for the past four years. What started out as small donations to this worthy cause soon became much larger; we also donated our labor to maintain all the AC equipment on the ranch and thrift store.

Liberty Youth Ranch reached out to us this past summer and explained that they did not expect so many problems to happen with their air conditioning units, and unfortunately the money for repairs was not in their budget.

At the end of the summer, the ranch’s invoice was $5000. Best Home Services owners Chadd and Keegan Hodges ripped the invoice in half and donated it to the help the children at Liberty Youth.

Our company donated all the materials and labor for the air conditioning service and repairs. They continue to be committed to offering help whenever they are able to.

“The greatest blessing in life is being able to serve others and we will continue to offer our services as long as we are able to,” says owner Keegan Hodges.

Chadd Hodges adds, “We are all inspired by the way this amazing organization takes in kids, gives them a home and puts them in a large family environment that is faith-based. We are proud to support them and look forward to doing more in the future.”

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