Protecting Your Home During Hurricane Season: Generator Safety Tips

As hurricane season approaches, homeowners across Florida are taking necessary precautions to shield their homes and loved ones. One critical aspect of hurricane preparation is ensuring a reliable power source when inevitable outages occur. That’s where your trusty generator comes into play.   However, it’s not just about having a generator – knowing how to use

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What is a Generator Interlock Kit and Why Do You Need One? 

Hurricane season is in full swing. Are you ready in case of a prolonged power outage? You probably already know how important it is to have a backup generator in case of an emergency, but can you use a portable generator to run the important appliances in your home?   Yes! That is where a generator

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Permanent Backup Generators 101

    If you have ever experienced an extended power outage during a storm or utility equipment failure, you know that it can be extremely uncomfortable. Around here, you never know if the power will be out for hours or even days. A permanent backup generator can supply your home with temporary power to keep your family preoccupied – we mean, comfortable – until the power comes back on.    

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