When to Consider a Sewer Camera Inspection  

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It can be challenging to understand what is going on with your sewage system because there are so many pipes and fittings underground and in the foundation of your home. So how do you know what condition your sewage system is in or if there are any underlying problems?  

Fortunately, sewer camera examinations can give you accurate and thorough information about the state of your sewer.

Best Home Services utilizes camera systems to quickly and accurately diagnose issues inside your sewer pipes. We explain when you should consider a sewer camera inspection!  

What is a Sewer Camera Inspection? 

A small waterproof video camera on the end of a flexible cable known as a snake is used for sewer camera examinations. To conduct a visual inspection, this camera “snake” is placed into the sewer system and forced into the pipeline.

A plumber will use a sewer camera to record images and videos of the pipe once they’ve found an appropriate access point. The plumber can see clogs in real time thanks to the camera’s bright lighting and small monitor on which the live feed is displayed.

As long as there is access to a pipe, a sewer  

camera can be used to inspect it.  

These cameras can be used in underground pipes as well as any pipes that are encased in concrete, located behind walls, or beneath your home’s foundation.  

When To Consider a Sewer Camera Inspection  

Sewer camera inspections can be a quick and easy way to determine the health of your plumbing system and detect issues before they become expensive repairs.  

Common problems that a camera inspection can catch include: 

There are two situations where sewer camera inspections can be especially helpful including: 

Older Homes 

Most homes older than 20 years are more likely to experience sewage system problems. Your plumbing may still be attached to a cesspool if your house was constructed before the installation of the city sewer line.

A cesspool is an underground container that is used for the temporary storage of sewage. These pose a serious risk of sinking and collapsing. Even if your pipes have been rerouted to the city sewer line, you could still be at risk. 

If your house was constructed in the late 1940s or early 1950s, a sewer camera inspection may also be helpful. Around this time, pressed wood and tar paper were frequently used to construct sewer pipes. These were referred to as “Orangeburg pipes,” and they were a less expensive option to metal pipes that, in the appropriate circumstances, might last for 50 years. Sadly, they have a reputation for failing in as little as 10 years.

A sewer camera inspection is advised if you have an older property that you plan to renovate or if you are buying a new home to make sure the pipes are up to code and to help prevent future expensive plumbing problems.

Sewer Backup Issues  

The worst thing you can do if you notice plumbing issues is to ignore it and put off having a sewer camera inspection done.  

When small plumbing issues are caught early, they  

can be fixed before they become expensive problems.  

If there is a sewer backup, you might notice these signs: 

  • Toilets won’t flush properly or plunge 
  • Your toilet bubbles when flushed or when a sink or tub is drained 
  • More than one drain is clogged 
  • You smell something foul near drains  

Any of these signs warrant a closer look to determine the cause. The sooner the cause is located, the quicker a repair can be made.  

What Happens After a Sewer Camera Inspection?  

Once our team performs a camera inspection, we will come up with a repair plan, specific to your needs. Our plumbers are fully trained and licensed in sewer camera inspections, and they will provide you with all the information you need to make a repair decision with confidence.  

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South Florida Sewer Camera Inspections  

Now that you know more about what happens during a sewer camera inspection, you know how important it is to call a plumber at the first sign of a plumbing issue.  

For the best South Florida plumbing services, look no further than Best Home Services. We are known as the “best” for a reason!  

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