What is a Generator Interlock Kit and Why Do You Need One? 

Hurricane season is in full swing. Are you ready in case of a prolonged power outage? You probably already know how important it is to have a backup generator in case of an emergency, but can you use a portable generator to run the important appliances in your home?  

Yes! That is where a generator interlock kit comes in handy. Our team at Best Home Services explains what an interlock kit is, and more importantly, why you need one this hurricane season. Let’s go!  

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What is a Generator Interlock Kit?  

A generator interlock kit is a small device that hooks onto your main electrical breaker and a generator breaker so that if the power goes out, you can’t pull from two sources of power at once. This prevents back-feeding into the grid.  

An interlock kit also allows you to use a portable generator to power the appliances in your home without needing to run extension cords throughout your home. (NOT SAFE!) 

You can power entire rooms with a generator interlock kit, 

 rather than just one appliance or light.  

Remember though, that you will only be able to use the portable generator to power your home up to its noted capacity. 

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Benefits of a Generator Interlock Kit 

There are several benefits of generator interlock systems, including: 

Fewer Extension Cords 

When you have a generator interlock kit installed, the process of powering your home in the event of a power outage becomes more streamlined.  

Aside from your portable generator’s extension cord, you won’t need to use additional extension cables to operate your home’s appliances. Further, interlock kits are installed on your home’s existing main breaker, so it does not require an additional panel. This saves you wall space and money.  

Enhanced Safety  

One of the best benefits of a generator interlock system is that they enhance the safety of adjusting your power to your portable generator.  

As stated above, a generator interlock kit prevents electrical back-feeding which can happen if your main breaker and the generator breaker run simultaneously.  

Back-feeding is extremely dangerous and  

can lead to severe injury or death.  

Our licensed electricians at Best Home Services are on call to install generator interlock systems in Southwest Florida this hurricane season. Call us for a quote today! 


There are other options to connect your portable generator to your house’s power, such as a transfer switch, but these can be significantly more expensive to install. A generator interlock kit can be installed in just a few hours and you will save hundreds of dollars without having to skimp on safety.  

How To Use an Interlock Kit 

Understanding how to use your generator interlock system is crucial for safety during a power outage. When the power goes out: 

  • Turn the main circuit breaker off 
  • Turn all the branch circuits off 
  • Slide the interlock plate up or down 
  • Turn the generator breaker on 
  • Connect the generator and start it 
  • Turn in all circuits that you wish to use one at a time 

Note: Turn circuits on one at a time and allow appliances to start before turning on the next circuit.  

To return to your home’s main power once power is restored, reverse the above procedure.  

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Safe and Cost-Effective Backup Power 

Now that hurricane season is in full swing, make sure you have a backup power solution at the ready in case of a power outage. Our electricians at Best Home Services are just a call away to install generator interlock kits to keep your Southwest Florida home powered and safe during hurricane season.  

Don’t wait for a storm to be forecasted. Call us NOW to install a generator interlock kit today; 844-921-2833!       

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