6 Signs of Leaking Pipes

Did you know that if your pipes are leaking you might not even know? The EPA estimates that one trillion gallons of water get wasted every year due to plumbing leaks.  


Much of this wasted water goes unnoticed by homeowners, but if unaddressed, even for a short period of time, it can rapidly cause serious damage to their homes and cost A LOT of money.  


Don’t let a hidden leak wreak havoc on your home and utility bills. Keep reading to learn six signs of leaking pipes from our plumbing pros at Best Home Services.  


Key Takeaways: 


  • An unexplained high water bill could mean that you have a leak.  
  • Sometimes you can smell leaks before you see them.  
  • If you notice a crack in the foundation of your home, a leaking pipe could be the culprit.  

Got a Leak? 


Look out for these six signs that you might have a water leak! 


#1. Unexplained High Water Bills  


Your water bill might go up slightly in the summer if you are watering your lawn or if your kids are playing in the sprinkler every day, but skyrocketing water bills could be the sign of something less fun— a leaking pipe.  


It may start small and creep up a little each month, or you may get hit with a large bill one month without knowing why. If the number on your bill is making you scratch your head, it’s time to call in the pros.  


If you don’t fix the leak, it will continue to drain  

your bank account and cause damage to your home.  


Pro Tip: Keep an eye on your water bill each month. If your utility company provides a month-to-month comparison, it can help you identify if you have a leak.  


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#2. Visible Mildew  


A little bit of mildew in the shower is normal, even in the cleanest of bathrooms. But if you see mildew outside the tub area, you might have a pipe leak. 


Mildew on the walls, baseboards, ceilings, or floor in the bathroom or kitchen areas is not normal unless you have a hidden leak somewhere that is introducing moisture to the environment.  


#3. Musty Smells  


Sometimes you can smell a leak before you see it. Mildew may be growing inside your walls, under the floor, or in air vents.  


Water that sits stagnant in one place will produce a musty odor.  


It is not normal for rooms to smell musty even if someone in your family is taking multiple showers a day. Must odors stem from mold and mildew, so if you experience this kind of smell, it is likely from a leaking pipe.   


#4. Stained and Damaged Floors, Walls, and Ceilings  


The signs of a leaking pipe may be subtle at first. Maybe you notice a slightly dingy-looking spot on your ceiling or the outline of a watermark on the wall in your bathroom.  


Stains on the surfaces of your home, even small ones, suggest that something is happening behind the surface. It may start as a small stain, but if the leak is not addressed, you could end up with significant damage.  


Leaking pipes can cause significant damage: 


  • Your ceiling might sag and eventually collapse 
  • The wall may become soft and unable to hold weight 
  • A floorboard might become creaky. As you step on it your foot might sink a little. Eventually, the board might fall through, presenting a safety hazard.  


Note: If your home has poor air ventilation and the room has very high humidity, you may notice these issues without having a pipe leak. But if you notice any of the other issues noted in this article, they should not be ignored, and you should call our team at Best Home Services asap!  

#5. Wet Spots  


If you have a water leak, you might find wet spots. You might see puddles or mud near the foundation of your home, even if it hasn’t rained recently. Other times, they might be found inside your home.  


Remember, where there is water, mold and mildew  

will soon follow. Follow the clues and get the issue inspected.  


#6. Cracks in the Foundation  


Homes naturally settle over time which often leads to hairline cracks in the ceiling or drywall inside your home. But if you notice a sudden crack or one that has widened unexpectedly, this could mean that a water leak is undermining your home’s foundation.  


As the foundation sinks, doors, windows, walls, and floors will get torn apart. Now, don’t you wish you had that leak fixed sooner?  

The Cost of Water Leaks  


If you have a pipe leak in your home that goes unfixed, you will end up with more than just a high water bill. But let’s start there.  


Even a small slow leak can cost you a lot. The EPA estimates that leaking pipes waste about 10,000 gallons of water per person per year. Think about it – you could wash 300 loads of clothing with that amount of water!  


An estimated one trillion gallons of water are 

wasted every year due to plumbing leaks.  


If the leak damages your home’s foundation, you could be looking at around $4,000 to repair it. Plus, if mold and mildew are present, remediation could cost over $6,000. Even a simple water damage repair could have you shelling out as much as $2,000!  


If you think you have a leak, get it inspected and fixed by a professional plumber, like our team at Best Home Services! It could seriously save your wallet. 


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Expert Leak Detection and Repair  


A leaking pipe can do significant damage to your home’s structure and your bank account. Fortunately, there are signs to be on the lookout for. If you notice any of the signs outlined above, our plumbing team at Best Home Services is here to help 24/7.  


From leak detection to expert repairs, our 5-star rated team is on call and ready to help with plumbing emergencies, leaks, maintenance, and more! Call us to schedule an appointment today; 844-921-2833!     


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