5 Ways to Protect Your HVAC This Hurricane Season


Hurricane season is here again in Southwest Florida, which means it’s time to prepare! From high winds to flooding, hurricanes can be destructive and dangerous to your house and HVAC system, so make sure to take a few preventative measures to minimize the chances of hurricane damage.  


Follow these five tips from our team at Best Home Services to protect your HVAC during hurricane season this year!  


#1. Elevate Your Outside Unit  

#2. Clear Debris From Outside Unit  

#3. Cover and Secure the Outside Unit  

#4. Prepare a Backup Generator  

#5. Turn Off Your AC  

Protecting your HVAC During Hurricane Season  


Follow these tips to ensure your HVAC system is safe and sound during a hurricane!  


#1. Elevate Your Outside Unit  


At the first sign of a forecasted hurricane, it is best to elevate your HVAC system if it is not already. Raising it will keep it out of the path of floodwater or storm surge. 


HVAC equipment should be elevated to about  

1 foot above the base flood elevation.  


Air conditioning equipment that is installed on a concrete pad at grade level, such as an HVAC compressor, should be secured and raised to a level that is safely above flood water.  


Pro Tip: While elevating your outside HVAC unit may feel like a simple task, we recommend enlisting the help of a professional as damage to refrigerant lines can occur with amateur attempts to lift an HVAC system. Our team at Best Home Services can recommend the right height for your system to avoid damage and keep your HVAC protected.  

#2. Clear Debris From Outside Unit  


Take a walk around your home and secure any loose outdoor items you might find. Tools, patio furniture, potted plants, and children’s toys should all be cleared from your yard before a storm comes through.  


During a hurricane or tropical storm, many of these outdoor items can become flying projectiles that can easily damage your HVAC system or your windows.  


#3. Cover and Secure the Outside Unit  


If your home is in the path of a forecasted hurricane, you should protect your outdoor unit with the proper weatherproof material. You can use a specially designed vinyl condenser cover or a tarp that is secured to withstand hurricane-force winds.  


To best protect your outdoor unit from flying debris, we recommend using a metal or wood frame. Plywood can also be used to protect your AC system from heavy rains or wind.  

#4. Prepare a Backup Generator  


Many hurricanes or strong tropical storms can leave you without electricity for hours or days. A backup generator is the best way to ensure that you and your family have a running air conditioner and a cold refrigerator when the power goes out due to a hurricane.  


Consider having a generator interlock kit installed by our team at Best Home Services before a storm is forecasted this season. This device is installed on the front of your home’s breaker panel and allows your portable generator to power multiple circuits in your home. It also prevents your home’s main breaker and the generator breaker from being turned on at the same time. 


#5. Turn Off Your AC  


Set your AC temperature a few degrees cooler than normal as you anticipate powering the system down. This will help keep your home comfortable even when your HVAC system is off.  


Just before a hurricane blows through, turn your air conditioner off at the circuit breaker to ensure that it is completely turned off. Hurricanes and tropical storms can cause power surges that can cause extensive damage to your AC system as well as the other appliances in your home. This is where a whole home surge protector is especially handy!  


Before turning the system back on, call our technicians at  

Best Home Services to check for any damage.  


Turning your system back on before an inspection could lead to significant repair costs.   


Be Prepared> Your Hurricane Season Checklist for Southwest Florida  

Weathering the Storm  


Hurricane season lasts in Florida from June until early November, so it is important to take the necessary precautions NOW to ensure your HVAC system and family are safe during a hurricane or tropical storm. Once a hurricane passes through, don’t forget to call on our experienced team at Best Home Services for HVAC inspections, maintenance, and repairs! 


Weather the storm with Best Home Services. Schedule an HVAC inspection today; 844-921-2833!     

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