Minimize Strain On Your AC System This Summer with These Tips


The heat of summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to talk about how to keep your AC system running smoothly during the hottest part of the year. Because let’s be honest, there’s nothing like the peace of mind knowing that your HVAC is keeping you cool when it’s so hot outside! 


Keep scrolling to learn how to minimize the strain on your air conditioning system this summer with tips from our 5-star team at Best Home Services.  

Keep Cool This Summer  


To prevent unexpected HVAC breakdowns make sure to follow these tips! 


Don’t Turn Off the AC When You Leave Your House  


You might think that turning your AC off when you leave could help you save money on your energy bill. However, shutting your air conditioner off completely causes your system to work harder to reach your set temperature once it is turned on again.  


Plus, turning your AC off completely increases the humidity levels in your home, creating moisture issues on our particularly hot and humid Southwest Florida days.  


If you are looking for the best way to save money and keep your home cool, investing in a smart or programmable thermostat is a great option.  


Smart thermostats allow you to regulate the temperature of your home while you are away for the day while still giving your bank account a break. It’s simple. Set the thermostat to raise the temperature slightly while you are away at work, and then, lower it again before you arrive home.  


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Considering a smart thermostat? Our team at Best Home Services can help you decide which thermostat is right for you! Schedule a consultation today; 844-921-2833!   


Keep Windows and Doors Shut  


If you leave your windows or doors open, it allows hot air inside. Allowing more hot and humid air into your home will make your unit work harder than it needs to, especially during hot Florida summers when it’s already working double-time to keep your space cool.   


It is also important to note that keeping windows and doors open can allow allergens and pollutants to enter your home and cause all kinds of air quality problems as they circulate throughout your space.  

Change Your Air Filters Regularly  


Dirty air filters mean less airflow, which means that your system will need to work harder to circulate air throughout your home, causing undue wear and tear to your HVAC system.  


Dirty air filters restrict airflow and can put your HVAC system at risk of a frozen evaporator coil or stress on the blower motor.  


We recommend changing your air filters every 30-60 days.  


Don’t Shut Too Many Air Registers in Your Home  


The ductwork system in your home is designed to move a set amount of air through the ducts at a specific pressure, which means that air vent registers need to be open for them to work efficiently.  


Shutting air registers in unused rooms won’t reduce the amount of cool air that your system creates, it just means that your system will have to work harder to move the air that is passing through the system.  


Making your HVAC system work harder is the last thing you need during a hot Southwest Florida summer!  


Schedule Seasonal HVAC Maintenance 


When you schedule seasonal HVAC maintenance, our team at Best Home Services will inspect all vital components of the system including the evaporator and condenser coils, ensuring that everything is working properly. We suggest having your HVAC system inspected and maintained twice a year; once in the spring, and again in the fall.  


Remember, a little bit of maintenance can keep you from experiencing unexpected breakdowns and major repairs in the future!  


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Get Summer Ready with the Best  


It’s already starting to get hot here in Southwest Florida, so it is imperative that you have your HVAC system inspected and repaired if needed before the dog days of summer are here. Our team at Best Home Services can install a smart thermostat and perform HVAC maintenance to ensure that you and your family are cool and comfortable all summer long! 


Call Best Home Services today at 844-921-2833 to schedule HVAC maintenance, and don’t worry, we’re on call 24/7 in case of an HVAC emergency! We’re considered the “Best” for a reason!  

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