Common Household Electrical Problems

Many of us frequently take electricity for granted. You simply turn to the closest switch or outlet when you need it, and there it is, available and waiting all the time. We cannot live without the electricity that illuminates our homes, keeps us comfortable, and powers all of our modern conveniences.


Yet, electricity can be unpredictable, and many problems can arise in our homes. But if you know how to spot the warning signs of common household electrical problems, you will be able to protect yourself and your loved ones from electrical disasters.  


Here are some of the most common household electrical problems and what to do about them.  

#1. Unusual Odors  


An unfamiliar smell may come from a new appliance after installation due to paint, finish, or other issues. But if you detect an odd smell coming from an electrical outlet, unplug anything connected to it immediately, and do not use it again until you call in a professional electrician from Best Home Services.  


Further, if your breaker panel or fuse box is emitting any odor, call an electrician immediately 


#2. Arc Faults  


Arc faults occur when electrical circuits deviate from their intended course, frequently due to a wiring error. Electrical fires frequently result from arc defects, however, they can be avoided.


If you live in an older home where electrical wiring may have degraded, consider having a professional electrician install arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) in your home to prevent arc faults.  


#3. Counterfeit Electrical Products 


If you have ever bought an extension cord, power strip, or night light at a ridiculously low price, beware of using them. They might be fake, fall short of regulatory or business standards, or both, and either way they pose a significant risk.


Always purchase electrical products from reputable stores to ensure that they are up to standard. 


#4. Buzzing Sounds  


The outlets and switches in your home should operate silently. As you plug into an outlet or turn on a switch, listen for buzzing, crackling, or sizzling sounds. If you hear these sounds, immediately turn off the power to that fixture and call Best Home Services. 

#5. Warm or Sparking Outlets  


If your light switches are warm to the touch or are sparking, the wiring inside may need to be repaired or the fixture itself may need to be replaced. Call an electrician to troubleshoot and make repairs.  


Are your lights flickering or are your outlets warm to the touch? Call in the pros at Best Home Services to diagnose these common household electrical problems in your Southwest, Florida home—844-921-2833! 


#6. Flickering Lights 


Flickering lights typically signal a power spike. Power surges are not always caused by catastrophic occurrences; more frequently, your appliances are overtaxing the electrical capacity of your house.


Frequent power surges can take a toll on your electrical fixtures and your appliances and could be a sign that it may be time to upgrade the wiring in your home.  

#7. Loose or Broken Light Switches 


If the switches or outlets in your home work only intermittently—or not at all— this could be a sign of loose wiring which is a fire hazard. By connecting or unplugging a cord, an unaware individual could be shocked by an outlet that is partially exposed.



#8. Circuit Breaker Problems  


The circuit breaker in your home is designed to trip when the circuit is overloaded. Tripping prevents overheating and mitigates fire hazards.  


Occasional tripping likely indicates a simple overload, but if it happens frequently, you should call an electrician to evaluate your complete electrical system to avoid fire threats and other electrical issues.

Protect Your Family with Best Home Services 


While some of these common household electrical problems are more of a nuisance, some are more serious. Electrical is not a place for DIY; things should be inspected and repaired by a professional electrician 


Do not ignore electrical problems around your home. Get help fixing the problems from our licensed electricians at Best Home Services—844-921-2833! 

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