The Importance of Whole-Home Surge Protection in SW Florida

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Talk to Best Home Services About Surge Protection Devices

Residents of Southwest Florida know the region is susceptible to hurricanes and severe storms capable of producing lightning strikes several months of the year. As such, BHS strives to educate our customers about the importance of whole-home surge protection. Investing in surge protection devices is one of the best ways to protect your home from storm damages to your electrical system. If you’re interested in installing a home surge protection system, we encourage you to reach out to us for a free estimate!

What Causes Power Surges? How Can You Prevent Them?

Lightning strikes and power outages during severe storms only represent one cause of power surges. Experts estimate about 80% of power surges are generated from within the home through faulty wiring, overloaded outlets, energy-guzzling appliances, tripped circuit breakers, short circuits, and more. Your home may experience several minor power surges a day, which can cause damage to your expensive electrical devices and equipment over time. Keeping up with electrical safety inspections to ensure efficient system operation is critical in power surge prevention. Investing in surge protection devices is also one of your best defenses to prevent damages caused by power surges.

How Effective Are Various Types of Surge Protection Devices?

One of the things we stress to our customers is that not all surge protection devices are created equal. There are plenty of home surge protectors you can buy at your nearest hardware store. However, these are really nothing more than souped-up extension cords. They offer little to no protection in the event of a power surge because they aren’t connected to all your electrical devices at the same time.

How Does a Whole-Home Surge Protection System Work?

Whole-home surge protection systems are hardwired directly into your electrical system by a licensed electrician. The process may take a few hours and cost more than over-the-counter surge protectors, but it’s an investment that will pay for itself in the long term. Not only will you be giving yourself peace of mind, but you will also thank yourself when you aren’t the recipient of a huge repair bill after the next storm rolls through your neighborhood. Some surge protection systems are equipped with alarms to indicate whenever one of your electrical devices has taken a hit, no matter how minor the power surge.

Depending on the size and set-up of your home and other variables, we may also recommend placing surge protection devices on specific electronic devices in addition to the main electrical panel. Talk to our electricians about the benefits of layering your whole-home surge protection system. Don’t let lightning strike and leave your appliances feeling vulnerable. Make the smart decision to invest in surge protection for your home from BHS today!

Why No SW Florida Home Should Be Without Surge Protection

While power surges can cause apparent damages such as fried circuit boards, smaller surges tend to do silent damages over time. Minor power surges shorten the lifespan of appliances, often so gradually you may never see it coming. Thanks to modern households using more electrical gadgets than ever before, whole-home surge protection is a feature no home can afford to be without today. LED bulbs, which many homeowners prefer because of their energy-saving benefits, are especially sensitive to power surges. Most homeowner’s insurance policies don’t include power surge damage. However, you can prevent this damage from occurring when you invest in a home electrical surge protection system. One of our experienced electricians would be happy to help you design the ideal system for your home. Our family-owned and -operated business comes highly recommended with thousands of five-star reviews.

Contact Our Experienced HVAC Company in Southwest Florida

In addition to whole-home power surge protection, BHS also specializes in the installation of standby generators. Don’t be left in the dark during the next hurricane or severe thunderstorm. Talk to us about the possibility of adding protection to your Southwest Florida residence. In business since 1980, BHS has expanded our service area over the years to include Tampa, Sarasota, Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, and more. We’re here to ease your concerns with your electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Please contact us today to learn more about the benefits of home surge protectors.

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