Simple Ways to Improve Air Circulation

Tips from Best Home Services’ Southwest Florida HVAC Technicians

Many people fall into the trap of discounting the importance of indoor air quality. BHS’ HVAC technicians in Southwest Florida are here to set the record straight on not only the vitality of indoor air quality but also ways for homeowners to improve their home’s air circulation. Follow our helpful tips to create a safe, comfortable, breathable living space today. If you have any additional questions about HVAC service or indoor air quality, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the best HVAC companies around, serving residents in Fort Myers, Naples, Sarasota, Tampa, and many surrounding communities!

Open Your Windows and Doors and Let the Florida Sunshine In

One of the easiest ways to improve indoor air circulation is to open your windows and doors. For the best results, open windows and doors in various rooms to create an efficient crossflow of air. Not only will this let in a fresh breeze, breathing new life into the mustiest of rooms, but you may be surprised to discover decreased room temperatures without relying on your air conditioning. We could all use a healthy dose of that renowned Florida sunshine from time to time. Not to mention, opening windows and doors pushes stale air outside, also getting rid of harmful allergens and excess moisture in the process. Many HVAC experts agree leaving your windows open overnight is especially effective.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Fans Instead of Always Running the AC

We all know the dog days of summer can get especially humid in Southwest Florida. However, many months of the year are quite pleasant outdoors, thanks to our comfortable year-round climate. Weather-permitting, don’t be afraid to use fans instead of running your air conditioning all the time. Today’s window and ceiling fans come in all shapes, sizes, and colors to complement your home décor. Some fans even give you the option of setting the air to circulate in or out without having to make physical adjustments to the unit.

Have You Considered Installing Attic Vents or Exhaust Fans?

Whenever possible, BHS encourages customers to install attic vents and exhaust fans to help improve indoor air circulation. Not ventilating your attic adequately results in trapped excess heat and moisture inside your home, which will eventually trickle downstairs. Exhaust fans are also essential to ventilation. Installing exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom is considered best practice because those are usually hotspots of humidity inside the home. Exhaust fans help remove stale air and excess moisture.

How Rearranging Your Furniture Can Improve Air Circulation

Sometimes rearranging your furniture can have a positive impact on your air circulation, as well as your mood. Always be sure to leave a direct path through your home from room to room. Never block windows or doors with bulky furniture items. Likewise, you shouldn’t ever block vents with furniture. Whether your vents are found in your floors, walls, or ceilings, they were designed to circulate air inside your home. Blocking them prevents them from fulfilling their intended purpose and isn’t doing your home any favors.

Why No Home’s Complete without a Home Ventilation System

There are numerous reasons why you should consider installing a ventilation system in your Southwest Florida home. A home ventilation system will keep your household environment healthy with fresh, dry air versus stale, musty air or excessive moisture that could cause mold growth during the rainy hurricane season. BHS would be happy to discuss ventilation system or HVAC installation options with you.

Why You Should Care About Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

Pent-up air inside your home often contains many harmful allergens, including dust and pet dander. This can have a negative effect on your health, especially if you suffer from allergies. Investing in ways to improve your indoor air quality is really an investment in your health and comfort. Say goodbye to itchy, watery eyes and frequent colds or asthma with some help from the indoor air quality experts at BHS!

Contact Best Home Services for Air Duct Cleaning and More

Would you like even more simple tips to improve your home’s air circulation? Contact BHS today to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable HVAC technicians in Southwest Florida. Our experienced HVAC company specializes in new HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance for homes and businesses throughout Tampa, Sarasota, Naples, Fort Myers, and surrounding areas. We know a thing or two about indoor air quality, providing Aeroseal duct sealing, air duct cleaning, humidistats, and more!

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