Electrical Safety for Kids

Follow Best Home Services’ Electrical Safety Tips at Home

In the modern era, hardly any American home is without electricity. As technology progresses, the number of gadgets and appliances requiring an electrical outlet grows exponentially. With our rising reliance on electricity to make our lives more convenient and less mundane also comes an increasing need for electrical safety tips at home. As one of the leading providers of electrical services in Southwest Florida, the certified electricians at BHS are often asked electrical safety questions regarding kids. Whether you have an infant, toddler, or young child present in the home, there are some things you can – and should – do as a responsible parent to ensure their continued electrical safety.

Understanding the Dangers of Electricity Around Kids

It’s vital you educate your little ones about the dangers of electricity from an early age. Because the human body is made up of about 70% water, electrical currents can easily pass through the body, causing shocks, burns, and even fatalities. Here are some helpful things you should teach your child:

  • Avoid playing near power lines when outdoors.
  • Do not fly kites or balloons near power lines.
  • Never attempt to climb power line poles or the trees near them.
  • If you see a fallen power line, do not touch it. Let an adult know right away!
  • Always pay attention to posted safety signs, including electrocution warnings.
  • Never use or plug in an electrical device near water.
  • Do not pull out a plug by its power cord.
  • Keep your fingers and other objects out of electrical outlets.
  • Always dry off after swimming or taking a bath.
  • Keep away from utility boxes.
  • Never put anything metal inside the toaster or microwave.
  • Do not have drinks near gaming consoles, computers, televisions, and other electronic devices.

It’s important to reevaluate what your child knows about electrical safety as they age. Be ready to answer their questions about electricity. A child’s curiosity knows no limits, but it’s critical that you develop some do’s and don’ts at home to keep everybody in the house safe. Look for children’s books, television programs, or educational games on the subject to make learning about electrical safety fun!

Tips for Childproofing Your Home’s Electrical Outlets

If your child isn’t mature enough to go over electrical safety tips at home yet, there are some things you can do to childproof your home’s electrical outlets:

  • Secure any unused outlets! You can buy plastic covers or inserts at your nearest grocery store, though you should be warned that these may create a choking hazard if your child can pull them out and put them inside their mouth. Consider creatively rearranging your furniture to prevent toddler access to unused outlets.
  • Always unplug appliances when not in use. The power cords connected to appliances can be just as dangerous as electrical power lines to a person of any age but especially to small children.
  • If you must use an extension cord, hide it underneath furniture (being careful not to pinch it) or put electrical tape over it.
  • Ensure electronic appliances and devices are kept out of the reach of small children or put up barriers so they can’t get to them. This will prevent injuries caused by your child knocking such items off the shelf or by them tripping over their power cords.
  • Keep small objects out of children’s reach. Not only are they a potential choking hazard, but there’s also less likelihood of such objects being inserted into an electrical outlet.
  • Never store electronic devices or appliances near a source of water.
  • Do not overload an electrical outlet with too many devices plugged into it, as this could be a fire hazard.
  • Be sure to check power cords for any visible signs of damage, including cracking or fraying.
  • Always unplug appliances before cleaning them. Often, children learn the most by example.
  • Consider investing in whole-house surge protection or standby generators to prevent blackouts during severe weather. No Southwest Florida home should be without them during hurricane season!

Get More Electrical Safety Tips from Our Local Electricians

Could you use more electrical safety tips from our local electricians in Southwest Florida? Don’t hesitate to contact BHS today to speak with someone from our staff. For over 30 years, our licensed electricians have provided electrical installations and repairs across Tampa, Naples, Sarasota, Fort Myers, and many surrounding communities. Whether your home could use electrical rewiring to prevent a safety hazard or surge protectors and standby generators to avoid a blackout during hurricane season, we’re happy to help. With over 25,000 five-star reviews to our credit, we’re proud to be among the most trusted names when it comes to electrical, plumbing, and HVAC services in our region of the United States!

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