Avoid Plumbing Troubles During the Holidays with These Tips

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The holidays are a time for opening your hearts and homes and gathering with friends and family. However, the addition of so many houseguests often brings a plethora of plumbing problems. Thanks to our decades of plumbing expertise, BHS’ master plumbers in Southwest Florida are well-qualified to provide tips on how you can avoid plumbing troubles during the holidays. Don’t let a plumbing issue put a damper on your festivities. Call BHS today to watch all your plumbing problems go down the drain!

Holiday Plumbing Problem #1: The Toilet Won’t Stop Running

Extra houseguests also mean extra wear-and-tear on your bathroom plumbing. Have you noticed a toilet that won’t stop running no matter how many jiggles you give its handle? There are two ways to attempt to resolve this issue yourself before resorting to calling an emergency plumber. First, you should inspect the inside of your toilet’s tank. Do you see the flapper (an arm-looking piece that’s connected to a chain)? If this is stuck, that’s likely your issue. Check the seal to ensure proper alignment. You may be able to clean it off and readjust it. However, you may also need a replacement. You should also look at the toilet’s float (the balloon-looking component that’s responsible for floating your tank’s water). If this piece is rubbing against other components or floating too high for your tank’s water level, you may need a replacement. Replacement parts can be found in your nearest hardware store.

Holiday Plumbing Problem #2: A Toilet That Won’t Flush

A toilet that won’t flush is any houseguest’s or homeowner’s worst nightmare. Before you panic, remove the tank lid and inspect the toilet’s flapper. You could just have an issue with the chain. If jiggling the handle doesn’t seem to work, you could be without water. Pouring water into the toilet could do the trick, but you’re likely going to want to call an emergency plumber to take a look.

Holiday Plumbing Problem #3: Garbage Disposal Isn’t Working

Garbage disposals are only equipped to handle so much before they break down. There are preventative steps you can take to avoid this issue. Be sure houseguests aren’t dumping grease or oil down the kitchen drain. You could also invest in a simple drain strainer in the sink to keep out unwanted items or additional trashcans to deal with extra wastes generated during your holiday gathering.

Holiday Plumbing Problem #4: You’re Running Out of Hot Water

Limiting shower times for your family and any houseguests who may be spending the night or weekend with you may be the solution to avoid this issue. You could also consider investing in a tankless water heater that provides instant hot water on demand. We’d be happy to discuss the other benefits with you when you call us for an installation estimate!

Holiday Plumbing Problem #5: A Clogged Drain, Toilet, or Shower

A clogged toilet, shower, or drain requires quick thinking and a plunger for the most part. However, if neither of those options seems to do any good, don’t be afraid to call in a professional. You should never resort to pouring liquid drain cleaners down a clogged drain, as these often cause more damage to your pipes. You can rely on BHS for all your drain clearing and sewer jetting needs in Southwest Florida.

Need an Emergency Plumber in Southwest Florida? Call Today!

While following the above tips should help you avoid plumbing troubles during the holidays in your Southwest Florida home, don’t hesitate to contact BHS if you need an emergency plumber.  Available around the clock for plumbing emergencies ranging from water leaks to sewage backups, our local plumbers service homeowners in Fort Myers, Sarasota, Tampa, Naples, and many surrounding areas. Even if you’re not sure if your issue constitutes an emergency, it’s always better to err on the side of caution. We’d be happy to advise you over the phone if we feel we should send out a plumber right away or if it’s something we believe can wait until we can schedule an appointment for service.

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