How to Prep Your AC for Southwest Florida Winter Weather

Best Home Services’ Air Conditioning Experts Offer Tips

Although Southwest Florida isn’t exactly known for having severe winter weather, residents know there’s still an undeniable chill in the air for at least a month or two. While the rest of the nation experiencing sub-zero winter temperatures may scoff, locals know it’s essential to take steps to ensure their AC is ready and waiting when they turn it back on in the spring. Not sure where to begin? The air conditioning experts at BHS weigh in on how you can prep your AC for Florida’s winter weather with several helpful tips gathered through our decades of industry experience.

Preventative Maintenance in the Fall Is Your Best Defense

Preventative maintenance in the fall is often in your best interest to ensure everything’s operating efficiently with your air conditioning unit. While you could take care of HVAC maintenance yourself, many homeowners prefer to call an HVAC company, such as BHS, to handle it for them. Regardless of what you decide works best for you, your HVAC maintenance checklist should include the following:

  • Replace the air filter before winter starts, as fall may have left it full of allergens
  • Inspect the condensation coils for signs of damage or clogs
  • Cover your outside AC unit and consider foam insulation for your pipes
  • Remove debris from your outside AC unit, roof, gutters, and downspouts weekly
  • Examine your pipes and drains for any signs of damage or clogs
  • Program your thermostat’s comfort settings to help you conserve energy
  • Consider opening windows or utilizing ceiling fans to improve indoor air quality
  • Test your heat before winter to ensure it’s working (ignoring that initial musty smell)
  • Plan for at least two annual tune-ups (once in the fall and once in the spring is ideal)

Peace of Mind Starts with the Best Home Care Maintenance Plan

The best thing you can do to winterize your AC unit is to invest in BHS’ Home Care Maintenance Plan. Two air conditioning tune-ups are included in our annual maintenance plan, as well as one electrical inspection and one plumbing maintenance visit. Prevent stressful breakdowns and increase your unit’s efficiency for one low yearly cost. You’ll also enjoy discounts on repairs, priority service with worry-free scheduling, and access to some of Southwest Florida’s most qualified HVAC technicians. And when it’s time for a system upgrade, we’d also be happy to give you information about AC rebates and financing. Winter is often the perfect time to consider an AC unit upgrade, especially around the end of the year, when many retailers offer some of the most competitive prices to lure holiday shoppers.

Don’t Forget to Check Your Heating and Plumbing Systems

Preparing your home for another winter in Southwest Florida is about more than just winterizing your air conditioning. Be sure to check your heating and plumbing systems also to ensure they’re ready. BHS would be happy to look at either on your behalf. Relying on one HVAC company for all your heating, cooling, and plumbing needs is as cost-effective as it is convenient. While preventative maintenance is your best defense against breakdowns, be aware that sometimes HVAC repairs and replacements are inevitable. If you ever need an emergency plumber or a heating repair, one simple phone call is all it takes to request that one of our skilled HVAC technicians make a house call.

Request Reliable Air Conditioning Service in Southwest Florida

BHS provides air conditioning service for many Southwest Florida communities, including Fort Myers, Tampa, Sarasota, and Naples. If you take the proper steps to winterize your AC unit, you should be less likely to need emergency AC repair in the spring and summer. However, when you do require a home AC repair, it’s comforting to know we also have you covered with our 24-hour AC repair services. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your air conditioning, we encourage you to contact us!

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