Small Changes to Save Big on Your Energy Bill

Best Home Services Can Help You Save Big on Energy Bills

Homeowners in Southwest Florida choose Best Home Services for a myriad of reasons, including our expert residential electricians. We provide electrical services on a daily basis and understand the amount of electricity a typical household uses. Using an air conditioner to cool your home during a hot Florida summer, lighting your living room, watching television, and preparing dinner are just a few of the many causes for your high electricity bills every month. In our nearly 40 years of business in Tampa, Fort Myers, Sarasota, Naples, and the surrounding areas, we have noticed a few small changes homeowners can make to save big on energy bills. Contact us today to learn more.

Small Changes You Can Make at Your Southwest Florida Home

There is an abundance of small lifestyle changes you can make to help save money on your energy bills in Southwest Florida. The U.S. Department of Energy identified the top five culprits of energy consumption in the typical American household as air conditioning and heating, water heating, appliances, lighting, and TV or media equipment. Given the climate in Southwest Florida, it is no surprise that air conditioning causes a significant surge in energy usage for most residents. Therefore, changes to lower electricity bills begin with HVAC units. But there are a host of others. BHS suggests the following small changes for homeowners who wish to reduce their monthly energy spending:

Adjust Your Thermostat

During summer months, it is best to keep your home around 75 degrees Fahrenheit, while it is better to maintain a consistent temperature of about 65 degrees Fahrenheit during winter months. Given the contrast to the outdoor temperatures, you will remain comfortable in your home at these settings. Furthermore, adjust your thermostat when you are away. It does not make much sense to keep your home at the same temperature while you are at work as you would when you are home. Give your HVAC unit a break. The most effective and convenient way to make these changes is with a smart home thermostat. Our team of licensed technicians can install one at your home. A programmable thermostat will raise or lower the temperature in your house depending on whether you are there. You can set your schedule manually using a sleek wall unit or use a convenient app on your smartphone to adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere.

Maintain Your HVAC System

BHS provides expert air conditioning services throughout Southwest Florida. Take advantage of our expertise by enlisting help when seasons change. If you have a malfunctioning component or debris clogging pipes and valves, your HVAC unit is not operating at peak energy efficiency. We can provide tune-ups ahead of the sweltering summers or chilly winters to prepare your home for either season. In the process, we will clean your air ducts of mold or infestations, change air filters to allow for smooth passage of air, and perform any necessary repairs, among other tasks.

Use Windows to Your Advantage

Window adjustments can be effective ways to ensure a comfortable, energy-efficient home. On beautiful spring and fall days, open the windows throughout your house and turn off your HVAC system. The Southwest Florida breeze is natural ventilation that can cool your home. Another way to increase energy efficiency is to use window attachments, which can help shield your house from the sun’s heat during the dog days of summer. While window attachments will not block all of the heat entering through your windows, they will help minimize the strain on your air conditioner as it works to keep you comfortable. Conversely, use the sun to your advantage in the winter. Let it shine and serve as an extra heater for your living spaces.

Dress Appropriately

Though it seems like common sense, dress for the season. You can significantly reduce your need for climate control by dressing in lighter clothing during the summer and layers during the winter. Proudly don a tank top and shorts on hot July afternoons, and cuddle up with a cozy blanket in January. These simple tactics will help keep you comfortable and lower your energy bills at the same time.

Be Aware of Your Lighting

Even though teachers and parents hammer home the concept of turning off lights every time one leaves a room from a young age, failure to do so is epidemic. People are in a hurry and constantly moving about their home. As they bounce around, it is typical to leave on the lights and lamps throughout the house. A quick, effective way to lower energy bills is by turning those lights off when you leave a room. You do not need to provide light for empty space. Additionally, be mindful of what type of bulbs you use to light your home. Older incandescent light bulbs are much less efficient than new LED models. Invest in LED light bulbs for the resulting energy savings and because they will last considerably longer.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Collectively, appliances are a top-three energy drain for most households. People take for granted how often they use conveniences such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, and clothes dryer. Their combined use adds up quickly on electricity bills. But newer models will help you save. Modern refrigerators use up to 50% less energy than refrigerators from only 15 years ago. That figure is similar among other major appliances. Contact BHS for advice on energy-efficient appliances that are eco-friendly and can help save you money.

Be Strategic About Using Appliances

Even the most efficient appliances will consume energy, so be strategic about using them. If you only have half a load of dishes to clean or a quarter load of laundry, wait. There should not be a rush. Be sure to pack your dishwasher and maximize your washer and dryer to avoid running them multiple times. You can also be strategic about your refrigerator. Arrange its contents so that your most frequently-used items are easy to access, allowing you to open and close the door quickly and retain most cold air. When cooking, let your oven and stove serve as extra heaters. During the winter, cook indoors. The residual heat will help keep you comfortable and allow your electric heater to rest.

Reduce Hot Water Usage

Water heaters are the second-most-prominent energy consumers in most homes throughout Southwest Florida. A warm shower is soothing and relaxing but can rack up kilowatt hours quickly. When possible, take shorter showers to lessen the need to replenish the water in storage tank water heaters or continually heat water with their tankless counterparts. As another approach, you can install low-flow showerheads or faucets to reduce the amount of hot water you use. Our licensed plumbing team can help with this process. Different ways to minimize your hot water usage include washing your clothes in cold water and insulating your water heater.

Seal Your Home

Many homes, especially older ones, have small air leak issues around doors and windows. To enhance energy efficiency and keep your comfortable air from escaping, seal these leaks with caulk or install weatherstripping around your drafty areas. This quick task will eliminate much of your constant energy loss and allow your HVAC system to run less frequently.

Unplug Electronics When Not in Use

Television and media equipment account for much of your energy consumption. It goes without saying you should follow the same rule with these electronics as lighting by turning them off when you are not using them. However, an additional change can amplify your energy savings. If you are not using your television, video game console, or set-top box, unplug them. Even when they are not on, these electronics are in standby mode, meaning they are still consuming energy. Simply unplug them to avoid this drain.

Contact Best Home Services for Electrical Tips

Energy bills are significant expenses for many Southwest Florida residents. Some of that spending is inevitable. It is unreasonable to avoid using an air conditioner during a sweltering Sunshine State summer. But BHS can help you understand the small changes you can make to lower your energy bills, such as letting a window attachment block some of the sun’s heat and reduce the strain on your air conditioner. Our team of local electricians has learned a plethora of other changes throughout our nearly four decades in the industry. Give us a call for additional advice. Also, let us know if you experience any electrical problems. We can repair most issues, which will ultimately improve efficiency. We provide 24-hour service to help remedy problems that cannot wait. Contact us today to learn more.

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