6 Outdoor Lighting Ideas & How We Help in Southwest Florida

Best Home Services Offers Practical Outdoor Lighting Ideas

BHS specializes in lighting installations, repairs, and upgrades for Southwest Florida residents across Collier, Lee, and Manatee Counties. One of the types of lighting we get asked about often is landscape and outdoor lighting, as Floridians love to enjoy the outdoors and entertain year-round. Those crazy summer nights never have to end with the right outdoor lighting. Create a peaceful, charming ambiance while enjoying after-dusk barbecues, swimming, and other recreational activities. Whether you want to dress up your garden, patio, pool, or deck area with lighting, here are six outdoor lighting ideas in Southwest Florida for you to consider from BHS:

Outdoor Solar Lights Are Popular in the Sunshine State

Outdoor solar lights make a practical choice in Southwest Florida where it’s not difficult to convert solar energy into electricity. Solar lights are used to light up pathways, wall-mounted lamps, lampposts, and even security lighting. Outdoor solar lights are gaining in popularity in the Sunshine State because they’re easy to install and maintain while reducing your monthly electric bill!

Outdoor String Lights Add Charming Character to Your Patio

Outdoor string lights are the best way to add character and ambiance to your patio without breaking the bank. Outdoor string lights come in many colors and sizes to accent your space a little or a lot. Outdoor string lighting creates a festive party environment for family gatherings or a romantic area for dining al fresco with just your significant other. You’ll be the envy of your neighbors when you have BHS install contemporary outdoor string lights across your deck, patio, pool, or barbecue area.

Outdoor LED Lighting Accents Paths, Fountains, and More

Outdoor LED lighting is often used to accent paths around your property and special features of your landscaping, including fountains and flowerbeds. Not only do outdoor LED lights help you walk around your backyard safely in the dark, but they also work well for outdoor lighting because of their durability. With an average lifespan of 50,000 hours per bulb, you won’t have to replace them nearly as often as traditional light bulbs. LED lighting also shines brighter without using as much energy (up to 80% less electricity on average), making them a cost-effective outdoor lighting choice for many homeowners.

Outdoor Wall Lights Accent Hardscaping Elements Beautifully

Wall-mounted outdoor light fixtures make a wonderful way to highlight specific hardscaping or landscaping features without being conspicuous about it. Outdoor wall lights are versatile, providing ambient lighting and depth to garden and house walls, pathways, stairways, decks, patios, and more. You can customize outdoor wall lights to suit your home’s architecture and style. Wall sconces make a popular choice for historic homes, while recessed wall lights that cast a downward light are preferred for a more contemporary feel. You should always take into consideration the scale of your available space when deciding the best outdoor wall light fixtures, as you don’t want them to look or feel out of place.

Outdoor Ceiling Lights Make Your Porch or Patio Feel Cozier

Outdoor ceiling lights help make your porch, patio, or deck feel cozy. Whether you’ve selected an LED outdoor hanging lantern to create a rustic look or outdoor flush-mount ceiling lights for a more modern feel, you have a plethora of lighting options available. Outdoor ceiling lights ensure the safety of guests, while also increasing your curb appeal. If dining al fresco is your desire, you could add a patio dining chandelier to make your outdoor meals feel like a festive affair no matter the occasion.

Outdoor LED Floodlights Add Extra Security to Your Home

Adding outdoor LED floodlights adds an extra layer of home protection against would-be prowlers, burglars, and animals hellbent on destruction. Outdoor LED floodlights may be installed on your home’s siding or the eaves above your garage to cast light onto your driveway, walkways, or backyard entrance. You should consider motion-sensing LED floodlights that only light up when movement is detected to help conserve energy. BHS would also be happy to help you add dimmers.

Contact Best Home Services for More Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Deciding on the best outdoor lighting for your Southwest Florida home depends on its primary purpose. Does security, safety, or decoration matter the most? No matter your preferences or budget, BHS’ certified electricians would love to help install your ideal outdoor light fixtures. As one of our area’s most respected names in plumbing, HVAC, and electrical contractors, BHS will never charge you any hidden overtime fees for lighting installation. Please contact us today to discover why we have over 20,000 five-star reviews for providing the best home services money can buy!

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