Health Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Before and During Allergy Season

Health Benefits of Duct Cleaning Before and During Allergy Season

The summers in Southwest Florida become extremely hot, and your air conditioner will be working extremely hard to keep you and your family, or co-workers cool during those hot days. This increased use of your air conditioning will not only put a strain on your HVAC units, but the filters will be working overtime as well and will need to be appropriately attended to ensure you have the best air quality available. Best Home Services is the company to call to maintain cool, clean air anytime your air conditioner is in use throughout the year.

Why Having Your Air Ducts Cleaned Improves Air Quality

If you, your family, or employees are having a hard time with allergens indoors, it may be time to have your air conditioning filter changed, or it could mean you need to schedule an air duct cleaning with Best Home Services. Other reasons to get your air ducts cleaned would be if there is mold in your duct or other HVAC components, if they become excessively clogged with dust and debris, or if there is an infestation of rodents, insects, or other vermin. If air duct cleaning is not part of your regular air conditioning maintenance, you should request it to get the best services for your home or office.

How to Protect Your Air Duct Between Cleanings*

There is regular maintenance you can personally complete in between your scheduled air duct cleanings to help make sure your system is performing at its best at all times. These tasks will also help expand the time before having to schedule your next cleaning, which will help save you cash, as you will not need to have them cleaned so quickly. Here are some excellent care tips for you to follow in the office and at home:

  • Change your air filter at the beginning of each season. If your home is known to collect more dust and allergens, then you should change it more often to help it from becoming clogged quicker.
  • If you are going through a remodel or are actively busy with woodworking or other messy creative projects, you should make sure to cover your air vents and registers with a plastic covering to help protect them from getting filled with dust and debris.
  • Many allergens and contaminants also live on the floor of your home, so making sure that you are continuously vacuuming or sweeping up your floor will also help prevent them from getting to the air ducts.
  • Call the professionals to inspect and service your HVAC system yearly to ensure everything is running as smoothly as possible.

How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost?*

The cost of air duct cleaning is based on the individual project, but the average cost to have your air duct system cleaned ranges between $267 and $482. The amount of contamination, air ductwork, and how easy it is for the cleaners to reach your system are all considerations for the price when you hire a contractor for the cleaning. It is also suggested that you clean them every 1 to 5 years depending on the number of contaminants your system gets filled with throughout the year. Having them cleaned will improve your energy use, saving you money all year long, and will help keep your family and employees healthier by breathing cleaner, fresher air. This may be a high cost to consider at the moment, but the benefits will quickly allow it to pay for itself by lowering your energy bills and keeping your employees working more without having to use sick days.


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