Our Values Make Best The Best

A Peek Inside Best Home Services’ Core Values

At BHS, we pride ourselves in treating everyone- from every customer to every employee- like a family. Our company has strong core values and ethics that we strive to emulate every day and every step of the way.

Be Family.

We treat everyone like a member of our family.

In order to foster a positive environment for all of our employees- we encourage everyone to be a family. This is a no-judgment workplace with channels of support for everyone, no matter what. We extend this to our customer base by treating each and every client as a member of our family. This means that from the first call with the customer service representative to the completion of the work, you have a company by your side that truly cares about you, your home, and your safety.

Be Amazing.

We provide amazing service.

All of our customer service representatives and technicians are Nexstar trained in order to provide the best in customer service in Southwest Florida. All of our technicians are full-time and professionally certified to ensure that the job is done right. We make sure that live people answer the phone and address your concerns directly. We also provide flexible scheduling that allows for the same day, next day, or future appointments. Our trucks arrive fully stocked and our technicians are upfront and honest about all of their pricing. All of this combined allows us to BE AMAZING and provide amazing service. Check out what we had to say about our customer service on FitSmallBusiness.com

Be Fun.

We have fun where we work.

An important component of top-notch customer service is top-notch employees. We attract the BEST with our fun and inviting atmosphere. We even bring the fun to you! Our team of licensed, certified professionals are also full of personality and ready to provide you with the best service available- with some free entertainment included! We like to leave you with a smile.

Be Constantly Growing And Learning.

We are always striving to become better.

Our technicians have weekly meetings with their trade managers and training managers to ensure that they are equipped with the best knowledge to best help you. This means that our technicians stay up to date on not only the latest and greatest innovations within their respective trades, but they also freshen up their customer service skills as well. There is always room to improve- and in our quest to be the BEST, it is important to provide every employee with the BEST training. In our customer service department, training is ongoing- every day! Our team leaders are always looking for ways to improve customer experience and customer service strategies. With the help of Nexstar and other customer service training tools, we provide you the BEST experience.

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