Reason Why You Should Change Your A/C Filter

Proper A/C Filter Maintenance And How It Benefits Your System

HVAC systems can appear complicated- but, keeping it running smoothly is relatively simple. By just ensuring you replace the air filters in the home on a regular basis, your A/C (and your lungs!) will thank you. The A/C Filter is very important when it comes to promoting airflow within the system. Your filters trap airborne debris and allergens, keeping them out of your unit and out of the air you breathe. Why is this important? Filters can become clogged if not maintained properly.

What Happens If My Filters Get Clogged?

It is recommended to replace A/C filters every 1 to 3 months depending on the home. Homes with pets, smokers, or homes that have the windows open often should replace filters more often due to extra debris in the air. Not changing filters and allowing them to clog causes air flow in the system to reduce significantly. Not only does this decreased efficiency, but it can also cause the system to freeze and stop cooling. If your system is frozen, check your filters first!

What Filter Is Right For Me?

If you are one of the 35 million Americans who suffer from allergies, you may want to consider a higher quality filter than your standard 1” to 3” filter. Many manufacturers create filters specifically to reduce allergens within the home. These filters will also reduce airborne triggers for asthma, as well! To explore your system’s filter options, visit our filter site and look for your HVAC make and model. If you are unsure of your system’s make and model, this information is typically located on the air handler. If you are still unsure, give the company who installed the system a call. They are typically equipped to answer any questions.

What If I Can’t Replace The Filter Myself?

Many Americans have trouble replacing their own filters. It often involves getting on a tall ladder to reach the ceiling and many people are uncomfortable doing so. Purchasing a full system tune-up is one way to ensure your filters are cleaned and properly functioning. BHS offers full system maintenance and whole home maintenance plans to keep you running smoothly. At the time of the maintenance appointment, have the filters for your system ready. The technician will be more than happy to replace them for you. If you need filters replaced in between maintenance appointments, give us a call! We will be happy to schedule someone out to you to get those changed.

For all of your A/C Filter related questions and concerns, give us a call at (239) 291-0860 . Our representatives are standing by, ready to get one of our licensed professionals to your door today!

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