Best Home Services Receives Business Ambassador Award

Best Home Services welcomed a very special guest to our offices on Monday, January 24th. Governor Rick Scott took the time to head down to Naples, Florida to present the Business Ambassador Award to Chadd and Keegan Hodges, co-owners of Best Home Services.

This prestigious honor was bestowed in recognition of incredible growth from 10 to 145 employees since 2010, with additional plans to hire 80 people in 2017.

“In Florida, we understand how important companies like Best Home Services are to creating new opportunities for our families.” Governor Rick Scott said on Monday, “It is great to see so many people pursuing the American Dream in Southwest Florida thanks to the job they have with this great company. Just like Florida, Best Home Services is a true melting pot and has employees from nine countries, including Cuba, Puerto Rico and Mexico. I look forward to seeing Best Homes Services’ continued success right here in Florida.”

The Governor’s Business Ambassador Award is given for efforts in job creation and opportunity for Florida families. Best Home Services is humbled and honored to receive this incredible award. We would like to thank Governor Scott for taking the time to visit our offices.

Read the full article at HVACR Management Magazine, Naples Daily News and The News-Press!

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