Tips On How To Make Your Ac Energy Efficient

If you are like most people, saving money on your energy bills is a primary concern. The cost of running an air conditioner in SW Florida can really add up if you aren’t careful. At Best Home Services, we want to help you save money on your bills without sacrificing comfort. Are you asking yourself:

“How can I make my SW Florida AC more energy efficient?”

We have the answers!

A More Energy Efficient AC Save You Money

The best place to start when you’re trying to make your SW Florida home more energy efficient is by upgrading to a newer air conditioner, especially if your current model is several years old. Each year, manufacturers are making units that use less energy. Upgrading to a newer model can save you up to 50% on your annual operating costs.

When shopping for your new air conditioner, pay close attention to SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, ratings. The higher the rating, the most efficient the system. For example, if your old air conditioner has a SEER rating of 10.5 and you upgrade to a system with a 19.5 SEER rating, you’ll nearly cut your annual operating costs in half.

Have Your Ac Professionally Installed

When you upgrade your air conditioner, having it installed by a professional is a vital step in ensuring that you get the maximum energy savings. In fact, even the EPA stresses the importance of professional installation from an expert air conditioning contractor, such as BHS.

Because SEER ratings are based on efficiency that is achieved in a perfect laboratory setting, expert planning and installation are required. Achieving maximum efficiency in your home is no easy task, so installation is a job that is best left to the pros.

Home Zoning

Another great way to save on your cooling bills is home zoning. When your home is zoned, you can choose the temperature in various areas of the house. This means that, for example, you can have the air conditioner set to keep frequently used areas, such as living rooms and kitchens, cooler than rooms that aren’t used as often. At night, you can turn on air conditioning in the bedroom without wasting energy cooling the rest of your house.

Programmable Thermostats

A digital programmable thermostat is one of the easiest ways to save on your energy bills, and you can add one without upgrading your current cooling system. With a digital programmable thermostat, you can schedule your home’s cooling so that it only runs when you need it. Rather than cooling your home all day while you are at work, you can set your air conditioner to kick on an hour before you leave the office.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning In Sw Florida

At BHS, we specialize in energy efficient air conditioning in SW Florida. From helping you maximize the efficiency of your existing air conditioner to helping you choose and install a brand new model, we will help you save on your cooling bills anyway we can. For air conditioner service in Naples and the surrounding areas, call BHS now at (239) 291-0860 .

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