With Winter Upon Us, Maintain Your Heating System

Think Ahead With Heating Repair

With the temperature slowly dropping, Southwest Florida residents may want to get their heating system checked out. With proper maintenance, you won’t have to call for heating repair in the cold winter days to come. Due to our climate, we don’t use our heater or furnace very often so it would be wise to get it looked at now before the colder weather approaches.

Heating Repair, Maintenance Or Replacement

If you have an older heating system, you may need to get a replacement. But no need to fret, BHS will hook you up with rebates and promotional credits. We also offer up-front pricing—meaning no matter how long the heater installation or repair will take, you know the cost. Another benefit of getting a new system is that the newer technology being used these days is very energy-efficient. If you are still running an older heating system, upgrading to the latest heating technology can cut your costs in half—saving you money while also helping the environment.

A lot of Florida-natives, like myself, get cold even once the temperature hits the high 60’s, so waiting for my Fort Myers heater to get fixed is not an option. I view it as an urgent matter. This is precisely why BHS offers fast service with an expert technician at your door the very same day.

Call BHS today for free in-home estimates with absolutely no obligation in the Fort Myers/Naples area.

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