Your Air Conditioning Unit: To Replace Or Repair?

Your Air Conditioning Unit: To Replace Or Repair?

We strive to save all our Fort Myers air conditioning customers as much money as possible on their AC services. Here are some reasons why replacing your eight-year-old or older broken down air conditioning system is less expensive than the cost associated with a major repair, (over $500) for a machine of that age.

  1. Fact– Every ten years an air conditioning system ages the average loss of the machine’s efficiency is 50%. This is due to wear on all mechanical parts. Therefore a machine bought with an efficiency rating of 14 seers or as I like to say, (14 MPG) ten years ago would probably produce 7 seers. These days the least efficient machine available is rated with 13 seers, however, with a rebate, Fort Myers air conditioning customers could easily purchase a 16 seer machine for the same price as a 13 seer machine.
  2. Fact– Please refer to and look up their annual cooling cost comparison matrix. This will mathematically prove that if you put $1,500, (AVG cost associated with indoor or outdoor coil replacement) into an eight-year-old or older air conditioner with an original efficiency rating of 14 seers which is now producing an estimated 7 seer, you’ll spend more money in energy costs plus you’ll only have a one year warranty on that work. In addition, every air conditioning machine has two sets of coils, one set inside the air handler or indoor unit and one set in the condensing unit or outdoor unit. If one set goes bad and a consumer was to spend $1,500 to replace that coil there isn’t a single AC company out there that will guarantee the other set of coils will last and what about the compressor and motors? Therefore, a consumer could spend $1,500 on the outdoor coil then three weeks later the indoor coil could go bad. Now that consumer has spent an estimated $3,000.00 and still has a machine that’s producing 7 seers. Please look up the high cost associated with cooling a home with a 7 seer machine. This cost is more than twice as high as a new high efficiency 16 seer machine.
  3. Fact– After an air conditioning consumer spends $1,500 for new outdoor coils then three weeks later the same consumer spends $1,500 replacing the indoor coils there are still three more original, major, inefficient parts remaining. First, there’s the compressor. This could cost anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 to replace plus the cost of new refrigerant, ($400 avg per system). Lastly, there’s one indoor blower motor, ($800) and the outdoor ac unit fan motor,($500.00 AVG).

In conclusion, a consumer that isn’t knowledgeable or privy to the above-mentioned information and is sold on strictly applying a band-aid to a shark bite would be making a poor choice if they chose to repair a machine eight years of age or older. The price today will be much cheaper than the cost of that repair or repairs tomorrow.

If you replace today your cost from each day forward will be less than the cost of a repair. Plus the bonus is: you get to breathe fresh, clean air from a machine with a brand new set of warranties for you and your family.

Sooooo, Get The Best Today and start saving on your Fort Myers air conditioning bill!

This Blog Was Written By Matt Moen, Comfort Consultant With BHS

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